Moon Bailey

Photographer, graphic designer and image retoucher

Moon loves to be outdoors. Her happy place is in her garden or on the beach, happier still if her family are with her. Enthusiastic Herbalist and would be apothecary, she loves growing anything with health benefits that she can use in home remedies, tinctures, teas and cooking. She has a deep appreciation for poetic lyrics and quick humour. Moon suffers from a severe tea and lemon meringue addiction, that no twelve step program has been able to help with.

Kaine-Storme Bailey

Photographer, Videographer and Video Editor

Kaine-Storme; a musician, singer, song writer, producer and philosopher in equal parts. He is one of the vocalists and guitarists for Jacob's Saw. He is also a solo artist performing as Calling Kaine. Kaine-Storm has a deep appreciation for literature and food that evokes a spiritual experience such as chicken curry. Although a fairly stable character he is under the mind control of Viggo, a powerful and fierce dachshund.

River-Blake Bailey

Photographer and backdrop designer

River-Blake is an artist, who was last seen without paint or some other art medium staining her body and clothes many years ago. An activist at heart River-Blake aims to use her art and music in the future to bring awareness to injustices against man and nature. Any Day that includes paint, jazz, hilarious memes and red Doritos is River-Blake's idea of perfection.

Dragan-Israel Bailey

Apprentice prop maker, professional joke teller and tea maker

Our little wild child. Dragan-Israel, wildlife enthusiast devouring books and documentaries about the natural world. Showing the same keen desire for music he has aspirations of being as cool as Don Williams when he is an old man. If that fails he say he will be equally happy as a hippy, deep sea diver with a cool old bus . Dragan-Israel, is betrothed to Jessica who he proposed to at the tender age of three, getting down on one knee with ring box in hand. A determined soul he is not letting their 15 year age difference deter him. Sugar is his achilles heel.